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Tips for Internal Wood Care!

november 17 blog cal decorators gloucester

As anyone who knows me or has read any of these blogs will know, I am a great believer in getting the preparation right.  This applies to internal wood care as well.

Older or recycled wood will often have cracks, drill holes or other damage which needs to be attended to.  A good wood filler will cope with most scratches but deeper holes may require several applications of filler, building up layers.  It is important to use a filler of the closest colour to the original wood.  If in doubt, go a shade darker.

Once it has dried the wood filler can be waxed and varnished as normal.

You may have wood which has been stripped and sanded, you may find it has a dull appearance.  Before applying wax or varnish, you might want to consider a wood dye to the untreated wood.  This has the effect of enhancing the colour of the wood whilst also bringing out the grain.

If you are considering using an oil on your wood surface, you might be confused by the sheer number of products available on the market.  You need to consider which type of wood you are looking to treat and choose accordingly.

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