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What is the Best Paint for Wood, Doors & Skirting Boards?

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Now there’s a question for you. Which is best?

Gloss (shiny) vs Satin (satinwood or semi-gloss) vs Eggshell (flat matt)

Here’s a breakdown:

• Gloss – a shiny high sheen finish that is almost reflective in effect. Always popular because of its hard-wearing nature but other products also offer this these days. A drawback is that the glossy sheen will highlight any flaws and defects in the wood being painted.

• Satinwood or Satin – this is a semi-gloss finish, a midway choice which is not as reflective as gloss nor as matt as eggshell. A satin finish really enhances work on fairly large surfaces such as internal doors, especially those that are textured or panelled, giving a crisp, clean look.

• Eggshell or Matt – the matt finish has no reflective or shiny qualities at all. It is a popular choice for very large wood surfaces such as kitchen cabinets. It also gives a shabby chic look to furniture. This a durable finish that is easy to keep clean.

Ultimately, of course, there is no clear winner and it is down to the individual taste of the homeowner.

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