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Grey Doesn’t Mean Dull!

cal decorators gloucester jan 19 blog

I am going to surprise you by saying that grey is not necessarily the dullest of colours for painting walls. In fact it can be quite inspiring.

These days grey is no longer associated with dull industrial environments, school toilet blocks or hospital corridors. It is quickly replacing beige, stone and earth wall and woodwork colours as the modern ‘go to’ colour.

It seems to be all part of our love affair with all things Scandinavian. It is now accepted that the lighter tones of grey can work well as a neutral colour, bringing out the intensity of bold reds, greens and purples for example. Monotone pallets combining dark greys with white are seen as oozing class and understatement.

Greys don’t need to be restricted to wall colours either. They are equally effective as painted furniture, such as tables or wardrobes, or as accessories such as photo frames.

Before long we will all be saying it; grey is the new beige. Or even magnolia!